Transparency. Collaboration. Trust.

Hypothesis18 (H18) is a code name for our belief that people-over-process, transparency, collaboration, and hard work, grounded in a trust-based, amicable environment will breed innovation, success, and satisfaction. While money drives our society, H18 isn’t just about the payday…it’s about achieving a mission through the effective use of technology.

After years of operating as change agents, executives, and entrepreneurs, the team seeks to establish:

  • A work culture that is trust-based, efficient, and scalable, where people wake up excited to go to work and feel valued;
  • A team of highly talented and driven individuals who are motivated to build products that clearly demonstrate a keen awareness of customer needs and desired user experience, leveraging agile development practices to easily scale and/or evolve capability set based on customer feedback;
  • An environment that demonstrates the value of lean product development practices through delivery of quality products.

Relentless Customer Focus

Product development requires a product strategy grounded in relentless customer focus.

Time and time again, our team has been involved in agile product development initiatives that have been destined to fail from the start due to a few core challenges: 1) a lack of understanding for the marketplace and/or the end customer requirements (vs. the internal customer(s)), 2) a lack of a true product strategy and roadmap to guide the prioritization of feature development through a customer centric user experience plan, and 3) a lack of willingness to change the internal operating model/culture that drives investment in product development.

We are fortunate to have experience in all aspects of product development. We bring our unified view and experiences spanning the complete lifecycle, from product strategy and management to process optimization, through product architecture/engineering, and ultimately, product operations and customer support/satisfaction. Our goal as a team of agile/lean product development entrepreneurs is to bring our experiences from previous initiatives, both the successes and failures, and help organizations develop valuable, desired products that are adopted by the target marketplace. In order to bring the highest probability of success to any given product initiative, and help organizations succeed, we anchor on a few core principles:

  • We believe that there is a very big difference between how companies approach creating products vs. how most companies create projects, and we are passionate about leveraging and introducing an effective, product-minded approach to our customers;
  • We focus on establishing core success metrics and continuously evaluating performance against them – the barometers that drive necessary changes in strategy, features, and priorities –they need to be respected and used; and
  • We recognize that success is a customer driven metric, which means that every aspect of the product lifecycle should be anchored on a keen awareness of the customer and their desires.